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What is brand strategy?


Brand strategy is becoming increasingly popular and more important for brands and entrepreneurs. In this post, we going to explain what branding strategy is in 5 single steps. First thing, we need to dissect what brand strategy is and how different is from visual identity design.

Common mistake brand owners do is thinking branding is a logo or a website. Branding strategy goes far beyond visuals and the look and feel of the color palette or typography. A brand is not a promise. A brand is not the sum of all the impressions it makes on an audience. A brand is a result–it’s a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company.

How are you going to speak to your audience, what personality are you going to use, what characteristics are you going to display, how are you going to be different from your competitor, what kind of messages are you going to send out or what kind of stories are going to tell are some of the questions that are part of brand strategy. A brand strategy gives us the tools and mindset to bring our audience closer together by influencing their perceptions about a particular business or organization. Those tools are beliefs, behavior, differentiation, messaging, brand persona among many other elements. A plan and way to communicate effectively with your audience is exactly what brand strategy provides.

Is about how the audience perceives your brand and how you can manipulate that perception. The goal is to bring an audience and a brand closer together. The strategic plan is the brand navigator who maps the landscape, sets the course and plans the route to brand success. The look an feel of our business is an important part of our brand but there is far more than that.




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Alek is a Brand master specialist, e-commerce expert and a Water sports keen enthusiast. For the last 10 years, he has thrived living near the water in Central America and the Caribbean where he has developed a career as a PADI Divemaster, Marina & Dive center director and practiced other sports such as surfing, kite surfing, sailing and paddleboarding. Today he enjoys running multiple Ecommerce stores and offering brand strategy consultations from stunning Lake Leman, Switzerland.

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