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The word logo has become in recent years a synonym of branding. Let’s be clear, the logo is not branding. Is just a part of it, it is indeed a very important visual element from your brand, but if your brand has been built from the ground up, there is way much thinking behind it.

The main function of a logo is to distinguish your brand from other brands. The following characteristics must be used when analyzing the effectiveness of an Ocean friendly brand logo and its ability to perform its role in identifying your brand.

  1. Simple. You want to aim for clarity and avoid noise and complications. It has to reproduce well in white and black
  2. Distinct. You want to aim for uniqueness and avoid looking like the competition.
  3. Memorable. You want to aim for making an impact and avoid blending in.
  4. Strategic. You want to aim to appeal to your audience’s personality and avoid being an identity that looks on style only.



For Ocean logo stands for its simplicity. Their color palette blends very well between blue and white. Their O has a wave that easily demonstrates the advocacy for the ocean. The Font is clear and it appeals to their core audience.

Oceans Nation

Oceans Nation logo is as simple as it could be, yet very meaningful. The font is clear, the differences between bold and simple makes it easier to read. The waves and color ocean blue palette are attractive to ocean lovers.

Two Thirds

Two-Thirds logo is one of our favorite logos out there. It clearly demonstrates their passion for the ocean by calling their brand two-thirds. The ocean covers 71% of the entire world, remember? Their palette is blue and their font and logo are simple yet iconic.

Free Fly

We love this logo for being simple and stylish. The waves replacing the e makes them different from other brands out there. Their color palette includes turquoise accents which can be identified with the shallow waters of tropical areas where fly fishing is popular. They know that the core audience with who they speak are Flyfishers.



Oceanic is one of the classics in the diving industry. In the recent, they have changed their logo.  The typography used in this logo is one of its own. It also includes their tagline, Every dive every day.




Costa is an apparel company specializing in eyewear for fishermen. Some of their collections are made from recycled material. Their logo includes the tagline ” See what’s out there” clearly addressing explorers as an archetype.


This quite new brand was built by Kelly Slater in the mid-2010s. They offer sustainable lifestyle fashion as their core value for surfers and water sports enthusiasts. Their logo is purely typography. They also offer a different version which includes the initials OK.

Iconic Ocean Logo for Non-profit

The Ocean Cleanup logo is a simple but bold logo. It clearly says what their mission is about in just one logo.




One Ocean

OceanaCoral Reef Alliance

Great Barrier Reef foundation

Ocean Unite

Our Ocean

Ocean Conservancy

Coral Restauration Foundation


Surfrider Foundation

Surfrider Foundation Logo (PRNewsFoto/Surfrider Foundation)

Sea sheppard

Mission Blue



Don’t feel that your logo needs to be clever, that’s where most brands builders get most tripped off.. Simplicity and clarity have to be the number one priority. Business owners often neglect simplicity and that can mean they end up with something that is neither simple or clever.

All of these logos whether you recall brand experiences or not.. meet the characteristics described earlier. They are all simple, distinctive and memorable. If your logo can tick all those boxes and is developed around your strategy it will likely succeed in its job which is brand recall.


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I'm an e-commerce consultant, Shopify Developer and a Water sports keen enthusiast. For the last 10 years, I have thrived living near the water in Central America and the Caribbean where I have evolved as a PADI Divemaster, Marina & Dive center director, Web & Booking apps developer for multiple Leisure organizations and practiced other sports such as surfing, kite surfing, sailing and paddleboarding. I have also partnered and been involved in multiple social-environmental projects such as Swim for Haiti, AVAV & 4Ocean. Today I enjoy building & developing multiple Shopify stores from stunning Lake Leman, Switzerland.

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