Marilou Shop is an exotic furniture online store in Costa Rica. Marilou offers Indonesian eco-chic rustique & beach interior design furniture to Hotels, Boutique hotels, restaurants, home rentals, and private villas. Lourdes, the owner has a busy schedule and spends most of the time styling other people’s houses and businesses. She runs a difficult operation that requires heavy logistics and planning. Most of the products that she sources come from Indonesia, some others are locally produced by her team in San Jose. 

Purchase orders, production chains, inventory management, shipping logistics, customer support, marketing, distribution to resellers.. Is a lot to handle on your own. Outerpreneur offers coordinated help for her needs. We have implemented new systems in her organization and we continue to offer ongoing support as the business grows.



Marilou Shop e-commerce Full solution


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What We Do

UI/UX Design, Responsive E-commerce Web Design, Accounting solution, Inventory management Solution, Social Media Advertising, Search advertising, Email marketing, SEO, Translation,

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Software solution No. 1

Online store & Omni channel- Point of sale

Outerpreneur joined at the early stages of this project. A Shopify store was already built by our colleague and graphic designer Ana Orio. Outerpreneur offered a new and more sophisticated theme. We built a new and responsive online store from the ground up but still, without losing the work that was already done.

Software solution No. 2

Accounting Software Implementation

Lourdes wanted a cloud account solution where she could track her expenses and cashflow. Automation was also important and highly suggested. Quickbooks was a perfect solution for her as it also offers integration with our other inventory solution.

Software solution No. 3

Production & Inventory Management Tool

The inventory management was hectic as we stepped into this project. The organization was using excel sheets which were out of date and not very simplistic. Outerpreneur suggested an inventory solution that was previously tested for another client. Katana offers production line management and logistics. A great solution for purchasing and makers at the same time. 


Having spent 35k with Google ads and Facebook ads since may 2020, we have ended 2020 with 150-200k in sales between organic and paid advertising methods. Video, photos, carousel, catalogs, Dynamic ads, collection ads, shopping ads, and display ads were used in this project.