Iguana Divers is a project that started in 2012, in Malpais, Costa Rica, a destination known for surfing but unexplored by divers. We went out occasionally with local fishermen and scouted for potential diving sites in the Santa Teresa-Malpais beachfront. We found out that the reefs were rich in life and there was a potential to build a dive center in the area. And that’s how Iguana Divers started. We were back one year later with the idea of building the first PADI resort in the area. With a small panga, we started to take out small groups of divers. We also did ¬†PADI training in people’s private houses and rentals. We soon found out that there were humpback whales seasonally and there was room to expand the business to whale sightings.

Today, Iguana Divers is owned by a Mexican couple and it has way developed since its early days. The business has a store in the center of the town, more staff and a well-equipped boat. We had the chance of visiting and go out in a dive with them recently and take a few pictures.




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