4ocean is funded primarily by the sales of our products and each product sold helps remove one pound of trash from the ocean, rivers or coastlines. Alex and Andrew, the founders, believed that business can be a force for good and the actions of individual people, collectively, have the power to change the world. They built an e-commerce store where they sell products made or recycled material that they collect. Each product they sell removes 1 pound from the ocean. Their initial operation started in Indonesia and Florida, where the headquarters are


One day Alex & Andrew found out that Florida’s shores were polluted with products made in Haiti (butter) and they came on a reconnaissance mission to Haiti back in 2018 with the idea of extending their operation on this country. We along with some other key players in the area showed them polluted beach areas and other vortex points. Today 4ocean has established a large operation in Cote Des arcadings since 2018 and has removed 12M pounds to date and has recruited 80 local staff.


Establish a trash collection operation in Cote des Arcadins, Haiti


Ed, Chris & Andrew

What We Did

Logistics, local know-how, sites introductions, Photography & video

Cleaning the ocean,

rivers, and coastlines,

one pound at the time

4Ocean takes our cleanup operations seriously and always go the extra mile to ensure our crews are maximizing their impact. That’s why 4ocean documents and tracks each and every pound of trash we recover.