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When you are looking for a strategy about the best way to connect and resonate with your audience you need to consider all of the key elements. One of the most critical elements is the role that you will play in the life of your audience. Obviously, all brands are different and they meet different needs, therefore they play different roles in the lives of their audience.

You as the brand owner, you need to understand your audience as best you can and in the height of their want and need, understand their situation.  What are they feeling at that moment? when you understand that, you can understand the role that you can play in their lives and the best way to resonate with them.

Before deciding which archetype or archetypal mix for your brand, you need to first align your brand’s audience based on their characteristics and behaviors to an archetype. Then based on the archetype of our audience, decide on an archetype or archetypal mix for our brand that’s best suited to appeal to them.

Archetypes are often misused or not well applied. it’s true that your audience will be attracted to the same characteristics that they themselves display but strategizing the best personality for your brand is not simply a case of matching shared views or likes.

In order to develop the most effective personality, you need to be very clear about the audience and about the audience’s state of mind, how they’re feeling and what they need. At that moment, once we know what they need then we can effectively shape our personality our tone or language and communication to appeal to them directly. At that moment this humanizes our brand even more.

We all play different roles in the lives of the people around us, just as the people around us play different roles in our lives. When you understand the role that you play as a brand in the lives of your audience you’re far more likely to play that role very well. Aspirations are often the key to getting to our audience’s desired outcome how do they see their lives. How do they see the perfect version of their lives and how can our brand contribute to that perfect version even if it’s only a tiny little bit.

When we understand how they see their big picture we can help them to see that picture a little bit more brightly and we can help bring that picture to their real-life as well. Whatever your audience is big picture or aspirational lives look like, you can be guaranteed there are hundreds of obstacles getting in the way of them getting to that aspirational life and one of those problems is likely the problem that you solve.

This doesn’t mean it will necessarily solve their problem but it does get them one step closer to that perfect life. Understanding your audience’s aspirations and where you fit into their lives and their aspirations as a brand and what role is there, is very important.

The key to strategize on the best approach is by understanding your audience in that height of want or need when your brand enters their lives for the first time. They will be subconsciously drawn towards certain characteristics and if you are able to identify those characteristics and include them in the development of your brand personality, then they will be subconsciously drawn towards your brand..

Finding out your brand’s audience desires and challenges can help you find the arquetype that suits best for your brand’s role.


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I'm an e-commerce consultant, Shopify Developer and a Water sports keen enthusiast. For the last 10 years, I have thrived living near the water in Central America and the Caribbean where I have evolved as a PADI Divemaster, Marina & Dive center director, Web & Booking apps developer for multiple Leisure organizations and practiced other sports such as surfing, kite surfing, sailing and paddleboarding. I have also partnered and been involved in multiple social-environmental projects such as Swim for Haiti, AVAV & 4Ocean. Today I enjoy building & developing multiple Shopify stores from stunning Lake Leman, Switzerland.

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