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The modern brand messaging structure

The core message is not a statement. Is a framework for creating articles, social media, advertisements.. Your core message needs to be a guide that is there for you to refer to anytime you create a piece of content. Anytime you are engaging with your audience and communicating with them, you need a guide to reference so you know what they want to understand about your brand no matter what piece of content you are creating.

Your core message is what you want your audience to understand about your brand

Your core message is what you want your audience to understand about your brand, but just as important as what you express is how you express it throughout your communication. What you say it and how to say it through your messages, website copy, marketing and other touchpoints. social posts.

Your message, therefore, is the underlying theme that structures your communication. It is what you want them to understand about your brand and comprises what you deem is the most appropriate and most important information to help them understand. Underlying is not about the right message or the exact words that you communicate through various touchpoints along the customer journey, is about a consistent theme through each one of those instances that delivers a sometimes unspoken message. This message directly or indirectly communicates who your brand is and what it believes, where it’s going, what’s committed to, what values, how it’s different, the value it offers, its ideas, its behaviors and opinions.

You have many touchpoints with your audience today, simply changing some parts of your message doesn’t work, you need to build it up into what you want them to understand about your business and strip it back into segments.

The core message is made of two parts: the inner core and the secondary outer message. The primary message is obviously the most important message you want to deliver to your audience and it’s based on what you want to mean to them. That would be why you are different than the others and what value holds for them. Basically, your message is based around the market position. Your audience needs to know why are you relevant to them and that you actually hold some kind of potential value before they want to get to know you better…


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