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Space to breath

People don’t read websites, they scan them to look for information they deem relevant. Each piece of information and imagery needs to be carefully selected. Each piece of information needs its own space to breathe for the user to be able to quickly digest what it is and either stop to learn more or move on.

Visual appeal

Remember what we know about the brain and imagery. We need to use visuals including images and graphics to support the content being displayed to allow for shortcutting and quicker digestions. The right image can grab attention, set a mood and draw the user in.

Format content

If we know that people scan websites, what can we do to make scanning quicker and easier. One of the most effective ways is to format the text. Highlight keywords, / Use meaningful (not clever) headings and sub-heading / Use bulleted lists / Communicate one idea per paragraph / Be efficient with words and remove unnecessary text

Intuitive & Familiar

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel through navigation or any other element of your website. Users expect certain things, like an easily accessible menu at the top or a large hero image on the home page. Designers want to do thingsvdifferently, but let someone else prove a new way. Until then,give your user what they expect


Be efficient with the words you use. Remember that most people don’t read websites, they skim. If you can say the same thing in 10 words instead of 20, then do it and ruthlessly trim until you are as simple as possible but no simpler.

Smart UX

Before building your e-commerce website for your ocean brand, create wireframes and develop smart & fast navigation within your e-commerce website for your ocean advocate brand.

Action driven

Your website is not a decoration for someone to come to an visit once and then leave never to return again. Your website is a tool that is the door to your brand. Make sure your audience is taking an action that leads them through the door into your brand.

Show your purpose

Add your mission, taglines and vision to visible places such as header, banners, footers icon bars, or add a direct page about us and make it clear what your brand is about and in what your brand believes. Connecting with your audience with your why is one of the most powerful ways to create engagement.


Author alek1986

I'm an e-commerce consultant, Shopify Developer and a Water sports keen enthusiast. For the last 10 years, I have thrived living near the water in Central America and the Caribbean where I have evolved as a PADI Divemaster, Marina & Dive center director, Web & Booking apps developer for multiple Leisure organizations and practiced other sports such as surfing, kite surfing, sailing and paddleboarding. I have also partnered and been involved in multiple social-environmental projects such as Swim for Haiti, AVAV & 4Ocean. Today I enjoy building & developing multiple Shopify stores from stunning Lake Leman, Switzerland.

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