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Finding a greater purpose

Though purpose-driven is still viewed by many as a marketing ploy to push more products or services and fatten up that bottom line, the impact being made by Ocean lifestyle brands is usually real. At the core of every effective purpose, strategy is authenticity. That’s why finding your WHY is very important. Higher purpose goals can be very different. We, at Outerpreneur, brands strategists for ocean lifestyle brands, advocate for sustainable brands that promote environmentally friendly practices for e-commerce ocean startups. Our mission, for example, is to make all lifestyle e-commerce businesses a force of good as a standard by 2035.

In this post, we will look at the reason why a higher purpose strategy must come from the top and how to find it. When you are doing your research, you have to start broad and then refine it to a very focused mission. Is important to look for the major causes of the world first. If you want to need some inspiration, visiting the United Nations goal’s page could be a great start.

The list of causes that have benefited from brand purpose initiatives is extensive and is growing with more exposure from the social networks: war,  poverty, religious conflicts, corruption, draughts, lack of education, unemployment, racism, sexism, gender inequality, same-sex marriage, pollution, global warming, sustainability, climate change, safety.




Refining your Ocean startup brand’s purpose

Each one of these Sustainability goals are broad and they shine a light on a topic from a broad perspective. But within each broad cause, there are many smaller everyday causes that smaller businesses can help tackle. Let’s take number 14 from the millennial list, Underwater life and try to divide into other subcategories that can be more granular and specific.


  • Overfishing
  • Pollution
  • Global warming
  • Discarded nets
  • Coral bleaching
  • Recycling
  • Animal welfare


If your brand has a connection or association in some way, with people that are aware of overfishing, global warming or coral bleaching, then these might be purposes that are worth investigating. Let’s put some examples of famous brands that are addressing these missions.

  • Sea Sheperd. Animal welfare and overfishing. Sea Sheperd is been fighting and defending the oceans since 1977. Their funding is largely supported by donations and products they sell in their e-commerce store.
  • 4Ocean. Mission: Pollution. 4ocean is an e-commerce ocean lifestyle brand that sells apparel. For each product purchase, they pull a pound of trash from the ocean, coastlines and rivers.
  • Boreo. Discarded nets. Boreo’s mission is to work with local communities, in this case, coastal south American communities for the recovery of discarded fishing nets. Nets are shredded and converted into a high-quality material that is later used by lifestyle brands such Patagonia or Costa sunglasses.



Having a broad understanding of the problems and concerns of the world, socially and environmentally is a perfect foundation. Diving further into issues that you are better positioned to address, will give you a great starting point to uncover a purposeful cause for your brand.



If you have an ocean startup e-commerce business that wants to be Ocean positive, download our 7 proven steps blueprint to make your brand stand out.



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