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Email marketing management services

High Returns

Email marketing is more sophisticated and powerful than ever before and offers Marketers a very high return on investment typically generating returns of 40:1.

An essential channel in any digital marketing mix, email marketing is not only fast, cheap and highly profitable, it’s also a great relationship and brand building tool. Email encourages subscribers to revisit your website and gain insights from your content regularly.

The Digital Marketing Association suggests that 66% of customers purchase as a result of an email marketing message.

By offering email marketing management services, we guarantee more organic growth, more loyalty, and more engagement with your customers.


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Strategic Planning

We take time to fully understand your customer personas and how we can segment your audience for the most effective communications. We can help develop your tone of voice and deliver automation schemas to move your customers along the buying funnel.

Atomic Design

We adopt atomic design principles throughout all screen-based design. Whether it’s email, app or web delivering a set of digital brand guidelines and building blocks, we ensure that any communication or storytelling, whatever the medium or channel, follows brand guidelines.

HTML Coding

With such a vast array of devices and email client software, it’s imperative that the end product renders flawlessly. We create responsive email templates that are cross-platform tested to ensure that your customers always have a positive user experience.

Monitor Your Gains

Leverage your subscriber data by personalising your email communications for higher engagement and to build trust and loyalty to your brand. Tailor their experience of your business with information you have about them, making your emails feel personal and highly relevant.

CRM Integration

We can integrate any CRM platform to leverage content customisation and analytics. This allows us to streamline your communications and create more meaningful relationships with your subscribers.


By creating specific customer groups, based on certain behaviours or interests, your business can improve response rates significantly. Big data analytics coupled with AI can improve Marketing Automation funnels and create highly relevant and timely communications.

Testing & Optimization

Understanding the customer lifecycle is crucial to mapping a workflow of communications. We evolve your campaigns through content personalisation and A/B testing to maximise your results.

Marketing Automation

Email automation can reap results whilst you sleep. Give subscribers the right content at the right time by using incentives and progressive persuasion techniques to nurture prospects over a longer period of time.

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Email Marketing Reporting

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