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Build For The Long Haul

You’re facing an overwhelming level of directions you can take your ecommerce brand. Spend high and gamble on growth? Stay lean and drive sustainable, but highly profitable growth?

We provide trusted ongoing advice and review to ecommerce founders on the strategies, technology and optimisation processes that deliver next stage ecommerce growth.

We offer Software Consulting and Marketing Development for your Digital Success. You bring the idea, we develop

Our Approach

Offering a comprehensive set of ecommerce services from business consulting and website design and development to digital marketing automation, we secure a possibility to enter the collaboration at any stage of a business life cycle.

We are a great fit if you are:

  • Importing / Exporting
  • Launching a new brand
  • Selling items that you produce
  • Retailers/ intermediaries
  • Want to expand your business
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Our Process



The success of an e-commerce business starts with the right strategy. We are not going to lie. The process of getting to know you, your business, and your audience takes some time. The more we know the better.


One step is not yet the movement in the right direction. After you have started your way to success with an effective strategy developed for your company, it’s time to put it into action and see the outcomes


The third step has no upper time limits – from the moment of launch, your business solution will need ongoing support and constant improvement.

Your All-in-1 Solution

We are competent in what we do and will provide our expert take on any project-related questions or walk you through technicalities. And yet, we are a good team player and never force our vision or see it as the only one that counts.

The ability to listen to your opinion, expectations, and concerns ensures healthy collaboration and allows us to keep an open mind on the solution design. The latter turns out effective when both your insights about your business and our industry insights join hands.

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Trace a strategy

The business of e-commerce starts with the right strategy


The ability to target the right audience and specific goals makes digital marketing a superiorly profitable and cost-effective marketing method

Technology implementation

Our team has the technical competence to implement planned solutions on time and without a hitch

Market research & positioning

Each customer has unique goals and therefore we work strategically and individually to meet your specific needs

Website design

We build websites that inspire instant customer trust and communicates your brand’s authentic voice.


Every business is unique. We know the software and apps that your business needs

4 Business goals we meet


Our involvement is your possibility to start getting ROI early on the road. We give you a truly strong guidance to embrace all the technical possibilities at hand and align them with your business goals.

  • Technology consulting
  • Competitive landscape analysis and UX research
  • Ecommerce website design
  • Ecommerce ecosystem design and implementation

Customización and growth

Improve customer experience, unlock new sales opportunities, grow and expand your business, monetize new market trends – ScienceSoft will be your reliable partner along the way.

  • Investigation of hidden pains and needs
  • Back-office automation and cross-system integrations
  • Customer experience improvement: UX and UI redesign
  • Loyalty building


We advise on migration when the current ecommerce platform in use is ineffective for your business. Our golden migration rule – we don’t look for a better ecommerce platform, but an optimal one.

  • Current solution revision
  • Technology consulting
  • Calculation of the total ownership cost
  • Custom design changes
  • Business and SEO data migration

Omni-channel retail

We know two keys to omnichannel success – fully integrated customer experience across offline and online sales channels and automated back-office processes allowing for your full visibility and effective team work.

  • Ecosystem architecture
  • Ecommerce launch
  • Back-office automation

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