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What is a brand mission

Brand mission statements are the everyday commitments that build the bridge one piece at a time to get your brand from where it is now to where it wants to be in the future. Your mission is your rulebook for the decisions and actions that happen every day within your business. Knowing what the brand is committed to and following through on that commitment with consistent actions is the bread and butter of building a brand.

Consistency builds trust and trust is what all successful brands are built on. Costumers grow to love brands based not on what they say they are going to do but on what they do consistently month after month, year after year.

Characteristics of effective Missions statements


The Mission should not be a vague or confusing statement that personnel require direction on. It should clearly define the ongoing commitment of the brand that can easily be applied to daily operations


As it applies to daily ongoing business activities, it should act as a guide for decisions and actions for both the leadership in management decisions and broader personnel in operational decisions.


Along with clarity, the Mission should also be achievable. As these are ongoing and everyday commitments, the ability to achieve needs to be more assured than the longer-term vision.


The leadership team should be able to analyze easily, whether or not the brand’s ongoing commitments are being met consistently which often requires customer engagement and feedback.


Although the Mission Statement is an “internal first”document, it should be memorable enough for all brand personnel to recall quickly. Only if it’s memorable can it be instilled within the fabric of the brand.

Present Based

While your vision allows for the brand expression of a future destination, the mission must be very focused on the present. If the has an aspirational tone, it is a picture of the someday, not the present.

Ocean Ecommerce Brand Mission statements 

In this section, we going to have a look at different mission statements from other sustainable brands.


To Transform the way we outfit the world by inspiring an industry to reimagine design and embrace circularity

Outerknown mission


To inspire a love for our watery world and support the process of scientific discovery that is needed to better understand it.


At Zogg, We’re passionate about he oceans and what changes we can make to protect our world for the future. We firmly believe our planet cannot wait and we need to take action now. Our mission to transform that’s damaging our oceans into high performance swimwear and reducing the amount of plastic used in our packaging. element


The Desire to reduce the impoact of our clothing consumption patterns on our world was the very origin of Bluenery


4th element

To provide the most innovative garments to the dive community

Yuma Labs

at Yuma Labs we have made a pledge to work against the stream, come up with disruptive business models and demonstrate that there are ways to build an economy without the need for planned obsolescence or continuous depletion of natural resources. We wish to offer a positive alternative to fast-consumption and slow down ever the accelerating mill of product disposal.


To create the best sunglasses on the planet for life’s great adventures


To protect the ocean by scaling radically transparent model to eliminate fishing net polution: Using disruptive innovation to inspire change and create tangible positive impacts.




Unlike the fishermen and women of Newfoundland, for us hauling an empty net from the ocean is a success and is core to our manifesto. We’ve purposed the word to encompass this positive act of ocean conservancy.


Waterhaul transform waste fishing nets into recycled sunglasses that meet the technical demands of adventure and embody a ‘symbol of change’ for our oceans.




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