Small business internet consulting

We Help Entrepreneurs Untangle Complex Issues with their Digital Evolution Journey.

We are a visionary and reliable software engineering partner for small businesses and startups. Outerpreneur is your strategic partner for the design and implementation of high-performance and effective software solutions for your business by offering small business internet consulting

We Empower our Partners through Innovation, Strategy, Design, Development and Evolution.

We Live By Our True North

  • HAVE PASSION We’re passionate about creating successful brands. We partner with clients that share this idea and push themselves to create memorable brands that deliver on experience.
  • BE POSITIVE We spend a lot of time together. Keeping a positive attitude helps to identify opportunity in every situation. This helpful nature is infectious to team members and clients.
  • FIND PORPOSE Just like your business solves problems for your customers, we solve problems for your brand. We focus on creating solutions with the purpose of achieving your goals.
  • SUSTAINABILITY As we enter in 2020, We don’t hide our preference to work with Environment-friendly businesses. We are experts at branding eco-oriented businesses

Why Should you Partner With us?

You need a team who can help you achieve your custom vision with the goal of increasing your company’s productivity and profitability. We are a P2P, People to People business.

Full Attention

We assist our partners at any phase of business, from startups in the conceptualization stage to mid-sized businesses and large enterprises with a deep focus on optimization, efficiency and scalability no matter the industry they operate in.

Personalized Services

Whether it is to upgrade a database, integrate an accounting system, or update an existing solution, our team of experts has the skills to develop solutions adapted to your business context.


Our highly experienced team provides solutions using standard practices. Our teams develop, debug, provide technical assistance, perform quality assurance and functional testing and document every step, while acting proactively and quickly.

Passion For What We Do

People are at the core of everything we do. Technology is an integral part of our employees, and partners experience. We strive to implement software and marketing that answers the everyday challenges in the business world.



We believe in organic growth, that's why 90% of our website content comes from places we have worked


Surrounded by beautiful coral and sandy beaches in a challenging atmosphere. We strived to brand this unique destination with positivity over turmoil and clatter

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is about promoting organic ingredients, unspoiled nature and
authentic experiences.


Our new home since 2019, living at the core of the alps and surrounded by amazing nature inspire us every day

And Mexico

Our partners

We are Dedicated to Entrepreneurs with the following Mindset


Outgoing, diversified and risk-takers


With love for what they do

Socially concious

Sustainable, organic, and social responsibility.

Long vision

Visionaries- looking for the big picture

We can take your business to the next level

You’ve got big goals we want to help you hit those numbers month after month. Let’s find a way together to get more people outside.

“We will be excited to meet you and have you onboard”

Alek TysklindLead Business Developer,